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Laser Hair Removal

Time Varies on Procedure

Pain -Free Hair Removal

Our laser hair removal device provides a pain free alternative to traditional laser hair removal. With a built in cooling handpiece it is comfortable for all treatment areas and skin types, fast and treating hairs at 3 different depths in one session.

Laser hair removal treats brown or black hair, it cannot treat white, grey, blonde, or red hair. It is a great alternative to shaving and typically 90% or more reduction is seen in 6-9 treatments with occassional touch ups once or twice per year for some individuals. Providing the most advanced technology our device delivers a virtually painless treatment in half of the time as traditional laser hair removal devices. Schedule a complimentary consultation below to see if you are a candidate and determine the best package for your needs. Average treatment sessions take 15-40 minutes from underarms to full body. Safe for all skin types.

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